Corporate Spaces

Maddocks Sydney

The Maddocks office in Sydney was facing space shortage issues. Our interior designer draftsman worked collaboratively with Maddocks to redesign underutilised spaces in order to increase the number of work points. The overall project included:- Demolition of 2 video conference rooms across 2 floors Demolition of existing offices Demolition of kitchenette Make good on bespoke

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Completed in Canberra, Nexus Interiors Australia worked closely in collaboration with Maddocks lawyers and building management to ensure a successful completion of this fit out, where the works were managed over a 4 day period to minimise disruption to the client. This was an extensive project which involved the demolition of a double-sided meeting room in which

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WestWind Energy

Completed in Gisborne, Nexus Interiors Australia worked in close collaboration with WestWind Energy to produce their custom-made hardwood hot desk / workstation and accompanying furniture. This project was completed over a lead time of 5 weeks for manufacturing and installation. The project involved fitting out the space with the following products: Custom Table / Workstation

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Child and Family Services

Completed in Ballarat, Nexus Interiors Australia worked diligently in partnership with CAFS staff and on-site building and construction members over a period of 7 days to ensure this project was completed in accordance with the client’s requirements. This involved fitting out 63 workstations for Level 2, Ludbrook building and 31 workstations for the Ground Level,

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Thorne Harbour Health

Completed in St Kilda, Nexus Interiors Australia worked closely in collaboration with Thorne Harbour Health to allow for the installation of various furniture items for their newly developed medical facility. This involved fitting out a variety of rooms such as a managers office, consulting suite and a reception / lobby with the relevant furniture including;

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