Maddocks Sydney

Before After

The Maddocks office in Sydney was facing space shortage issues. Our interior designer draftsman worked collaboratively with Maddocks to redesign underutilised spaces in order to increase the number of work points. The overall project included:-

  • Demolition of 2 video conference rooms across 2 floors
  • Demolition of existing offices
  • Demolition of kitchenette
  • Make good on bespoke flooring and ceilings
  • Installation of 68 new workstations
  • Installation of 2 quiet rooms
  • Provision of Konnect
  • Task chairs, caddies and monitor arms to each workstation
  • Installation of 60 lockers

The job involved working closely with Building surveyors, Base building, mechanical engineers, fire services and electricians to obtain Complying Development Certificate (CDC) sign off.

Design works started in June 2022 and construction/fit out works were completed in September 2022.
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