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Quiet Booths

4 Key Productivity Benefits for Your Office

  1. Noise Reduction at its Best.
    One of the most evident advantages of incorporating quiet booths into your office layout is their ability to block out ambient noise effectively. Especially noteworthy are acoustic quiet booths, designed to minimize noise intrusion by an impressive 100%, fostering a more tranquil and more focused work environment.
  1. Tailored Support for Neurodivergent Employees.
    The acknowledgment of neurodiversity is increasingly becoming integral to office dynamics. Addressing the unique needs of employees with diverse neurological profiles is crucial. Many individuals with conditions such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and autism thrive in quiet environments. By investing in commercial office furniture like quiet booths, tailored spaces can be created to enhance the well-being and productivity of neurodivergent employees.
  1. Conference Call Optimization.
    In a world where remote conference calls are ubiquitous for client meetings and catch-ups, the importance of suitable business office furniture cannot be overstated. The disruptive nature of open offices, often leading to interruptions during calls, can be mitigated by the strategic placement of quiet booths. These booths, designed with calls in mind, provide an isolated space akin to traditional phone booths, ensuring uninterrupted and focused communication.
  1. Creating Focus Zones in Open Offices
    Regardless of neurodiversity considerations, the well-established fact remains that open office spaces can diminish employee productivity and contribute to increased stress and sickness. While open office layouts are cost-effective and popular, integrating quiet booths offers a swift and economical solution to establish dedicated focus zones. Compared to the comprehensive overhaul required for redesigning an entire office space, this approach proves advantageous.

The Pods are designed with the human form in mind. Roomier at the top around the shoulders and head so that you don’t feel claustrophobic, and smaller at the bottom. Whilst the overall size is similar to those on the market the room up the top will make them feel larger to the user.

These products are manufactured using high quality materials that are sustainable and ethically sourced. All materials are selected based on their suitability for structural and aesthetic requirements with as much local content as possible. Frames, door handles, hinges, glazing and the castors on accessory items are all tested for strength and durability to ensure product longevity.

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