New Arrival TREA Chair (Humanscale) Designer Todd Bracher

The Red Dot-Award winning Trea pairs a clean, customizable aesthetic with high-functioning ergonomic support. Created with acclaimed designer Todd Bracher, Trea offers intuitive comfort by mimicking the human body’s natural recline and embracing its sitter in a supportive shell.

• Interchangeable components allow Trea to easily adapt its aesthetic for any office or workspace.
• Waterfall-edge seat softens pressure on the back of the knees.
• Contoured backrest gently cradles the body’s natural pivot points to encourage free and healthy movement – including 12-point recline.
• Net Positive certification means every Trea produced makes a quantifiable impact towards reversing climate damage.
• Trea is yours with a 15-year, 24/7 warranty.

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