Principal Contractor

Our operations encompass the seamless fitout of buildings for all tenants, developers and consultants.

A building project or fitout may involve many trades from technicians, such as electricians or painters, to contractors, who also have to be mindful of occupational health and safety laws.

Our work with your employees’ health and safety makes site management less of an issue when you’re hiring us as your commercial general contractor. We know the best practices in dealing with active environments and living or working environments, at all levels of industry.

  • Developing a Workplace Health and Safety plan that meets all occupational health and safety laws and ensuring compliance.
  • Arranging a given set of work practice statements before commencing high-risk building helps heavy equipment operators operate equipment safely.
  • Appropriate access to facilities and necessary services.
  • Preventing potential hazards from construction waste, demolition, materials handling and storage.

Implementing a business strategy that suits your business goals.

We have established strict policies, safety systems, and procedures for controlling risk and preventing job site mishaps while we work to keep your team and trades personnel on site. Plus, we possess the credentials competitive with all builder licensing requirements in Victoria.

The secret to our varied labors is adaptability. Whether your functional requirements vary, we’ll build a transparent construction plan and contract to suit your needs.

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