Strip Out & Make Good

Vacating premises or you are relocating? We can return your space to its original condition.

For tenants, let Nexus Complete Projects deal with the stress and financial pitfalls of ensuring repairs and a strip-out, so you can concentrate on running your business.

If you do not have time and are ending your lease early or you are required to vacate the premises, we’ll be able to work with your landlord or property manager to conclude all renovation, demolition, removal, painting, and repair services, so that you can leave the property aligned to your lease obligations.

For Landlords, we can be a convenient and cost-effective resource for any renovations or evictions you decide to do. Probity, expertise & professionalism to ensure things are done perfectly.

A sustainable stripout is more desirable for your wallet, the community at large, and the planet.

So when you make good, you can also do good and enjoy the happiness of knowing your business is contributing to the sustainability of our environment and supporting the communities and organisations you care about personally.

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