Strata 2 Sliding Door Cabinet


The Strata 2 Sliding Door Cabinet is the latest sleek addition to the Cabinet range.

Office Sliding Door Cabinet | Sliding Door Storage

Designed with office refurbishments and fit outs in mind, this cabinet is effortlessly incorporated into workstation areas or smaller office areas where space optimisation is essential.

The cabinet’s sliding doors are perfectly suited to aisles because they do not impede walkways. They are uniquely designed to ensure a smooth, quiet sliding door operation, while the bevelled handle is ergonomic and easy to use.

The Strata 2 Sliding Door Cabinet is GECA Certified and has perforated doors with acoustic sound absorption panels as standard. The perforated design creates a modern aesthetic, whilst acoustic panels enhance sound absorption.

The Strata 2 Sliding Door Cabinet is available in a range of colours.

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