• Presa Presa Quick View
    • Presa Presa Quick View
    • Presa
    • People of all shapes and sizes crave support, movement and a sense of well-being while sitting at their desks. With the introduction of Presa, Bristol reveals a new direction in mid-price seating. A direction that combines contemporary design with superior comfort. A direction that unites simplicity with high-performing functionality. The combination of minimal material usage, maximum transparency and optimum comfort…
  • Como Office Como Office Quick View
    • Como Office Como Office Quick View
    • Como Office
    • A design icon We simply could not take our eyes off the sleek, scintillating form. We reach out to touch it, to run our hands against its taut, resilient yet supple surface and cannot keep our hands away. We throw ourselve onto it, only to be cradled perfectly, our every anatomy caressed and comforted. We wonder how perfect a chair…
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