Stix Workstation


A design led desk and table system inspired by the honest and simplistic construction of bamboo scaffolding.

Stix uses extrusions, die castings and steel tubular profiles to create its unique style. Stix is available with fixed height and height adjustable framework, with a seamless transition from one to the other which is easily achieved with the Stix design language.

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Privacy screens are available in most commercial fabrics, upholstered over acoustic PET board, or manufactured with exposed acoustic PET from the standard range of Thinking Works PET colours. The thoughtfully designed wire management system consists of a continuous extruded aluminium cable tray which cleanly conceals reticulation of power and data cables. Moulded end caps along with lids neatly finish the visible ends of the cable tray while keeping the area around the middle clear for access to power and data sockets.


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